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We have selected a great number of exciting tours. Perhaps you’ll like a short half-day excursion, or you want to combine different trips and make your own two-day tailormade discovery tour.  All our tours are tailormade (customised) tours with tailormade prices. Gagabonga works closely with various partners such as touroperator TUI. 


The Gambia offers a much-varied landscape, featuring sandy beaches, lush tropical forests, swamps, marshes and large areas of wooded savannah. The River Gambia dominates the country, and The Gambia's parks, reserves, riverbanks are a major draw for ecotourists: they harbour monkeys, crocodiles, dolphins, a small population of hippos and over 500 bird species. 

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We can take care of your transfer from the international airport to your hotel, or from the hotel to the airport. Send us a message and we will pick you up, right on time. 

Gagabonga offers you amazing adventures. With your own professional local guide. Join the Gambian experience and discover real Gambia now!
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Bush and Beach Safari

First the exciting bush, then the relaxing beach. You will visit Crocodile Pool and see the famous Crocodile Charlie. Then the trip goes to The Monkey Park, Abuko Nature Reserve and the adventurous Lamin Lodge. This two-story building is completely made of mangrove wood. The next station is a canoe boattrip at the famous Mangroves, visiting the women vegetables gardens. At the end you will relax en have a swim at the lovely Sanyang Beach. One of the most popular tours. Don’t forget your towels!  Full-day tour. Price on request.

Bakau & Serekunda Market

A real African shopping experience! Visit the local market in Bakau or Serekunda for a real taste of Gambian shopping. Walk round safely and relaxed with our tour guide. You can also visit one of the other local markets in Taliding, Lamin Lodge or Banjul (Albert Market). The best of African shopping and one of the most popular excursions.  Half-day tour. Price on request.

Tanji Fishing Village

Visit a working fishing village. See the fish being unloaded from the boats and being sorted in size, placed on lorries for export, laid out to dry or smoked for local use. The fishing boats can return at any time of day and depends on the tides. We will know the best time to go and will advise you on the best time to arrive here. You can also visit the fishing harbours in Bakau or Banjul. A colorful experience! Half-day tour. Price on request.

The Life of Kunta Kinteh – Roots & James Island

 Juffereh is the home village of Kunta Kinteh, the main character in Alex Haley’s bestseller Roots. You will visit Juffereh and the neighboring villages of Albreda. But also James Island, in the middle of the river Gambia. On this island are the remains of Fort James built in the year 1650. This place is a sad reminder of the Trans Atlantic slave trade. An impressive experience and a classic tour. Full-day tour. Price on request.

Gambia River Experience

This boat trip shows you the beautiful banks of the River Gambia. On the edge of the river you can spot hippopotamus, one of the most dangerous animals of the world! Sometimes you see them and sometimes not, that’s nature!  Many beautiful birds, chimpanzees and baboons can be seen here. A lazy, relaxing and mostly surprising adventure.  Full-day tour. Price on request.

Senegal Discovery Tour

This adventurous trip goes all the way to Dakar, the capital city of Senegal and home tot the Senegal Presidential Palace. The city of Dakar has a population of 1,1 million people. Its located on the Cape Verde Peninsula, on the country's Atlantic coast. Its position, on the western edge of Africa (it is the westernmost city on the African mainland), is an advantageous departure point for trans-Atlantic and European trade. This fact aided its growth into a major regional port. A real discovery tour!  Two-day tour. Price on request.

Georgetown, The Old Capital

The port town on Janjangbureh is called Georgetown, the old capital. The island of Janjangbureh, in Gambia, lies about 300 km up river and covers an area of about 7.7 square miles. It is still referred to by some as MacCarthy Island as used in the colonial era up to 1995. Christian missionaries arrived as early as 1824 and a government boarding school was opened in 1927 (called the Chief's School). The area is now one of the top ecotourism destinations in Gambia. Two-day tour. Price on request.

The 7 tribes of The Gambia

Visit each of the seven different tribes of The Gambia. With their own history, culture, habits, secrets and local schools. Meeting different people in different villages. You will learn more about The Gambian culture and the daily life of the different tribes.  A melting pot of various cultures. Half-day tour. Price on request.

Traditional Drumming, Dancing & Citywalks

In addition to our tours & trips we also organize exiting drumming workshops, traditional (koringbaa) dancing and historical (kankora) citywalks.  1 or 2 hours. Price on request.