About us

Gagabonga Tours & Adventures is a community of professional local tourist guides. A network of local guides, born and raised in Gambia, with a lot of experience and knowledge of the real Gambian life. Our local guides will show you the best sightseeing hotspots and (undiscovered) places. Unique experiences for a fair price.

Why Gagabonga Tours & Adventures? 10 good reasons!

1. Your own professional local guide.
2. Personal private tours.
3. Small groups are possible.
4. Discover the real Gambian life.
5. Visit local villages, meet local people.
6. Stay at traditional village houses.
7. Enjoy culture, nature & history.
8. Surprising trips en tours.
9. Professional partners.
10. Supporting local communities.

Gagabonga is a preferred partner of TUI Gambia Kololi.  

Gagabonga offers you amazing adventures. With your own professional local guide. Join the Gambian experience and discover real Gambia now!
If you have any questions, please contact us!